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Ballard County Waterfowl Festival 2018
Michael Ritter and Justin Easton 
Second Place: 
David P. Damron and Hunter Grounds 
Both teams were blowing Tim Grounds Calls 
Congratulations to all the great callers at the Festival this year. 

Pennsylvania State Champ 2018
Sept 2018
Pennsylvania State Champion
Goose Caller is
Matt Kreider
"Matt says that G Force™ does it again!"

 Congratulations to First Place winner:
TY DRAPER on his big win of the
IL State Intermediate Goose contest May 2018
          TY DRAPER 
Ty also took third in the IL STATE OPEN GOOSE. 2018 



Burlington Iowa Feb. 2018
"Mississippi Valley Callers Association"
Blowing  his R I Secret™
Robbie is from Ottawa, IL
Thanks, Robbie!!! 

 Three great hunting videos all on one DVD.  These
videos were filmed when Hunter was very young. I've
had the Get Down, Cover Up series revamped and
put on a single DVD for the young hunters of today to
enjoy.  Lot of history to be found here.  Get Cha Some!

 For the few zippered front NAT GEAR
vests we have left from our 40th Anniversary
celebration, the new price is $40 
To buy, please click on the BUY NOW
Back view of vest.  Zip front 

JJ Lares Small Bore
 JJ Lares small bore  -  Call the office
if you are interested.  $142  I have
very few in stock.         618 983 5649  

    MED       XL,    XXL    

Tim Grounds calls have won
more WORLD Senior Division
titles in Easton than any other. 
       That number is 10. 
1988, 1992, 1994, 1999,  2003,
2005, 2007, 2009, 2012,  2014
Closest competitors: 
Sean  Mann calls  7 times,
Knight/Hale calls 4,
 Olt  calls 7,
Bay Country calls 3,
Mouth caller (Privot) 2,
D and G calls 1,
 Fred Zink calls 1,
Jeff Foiles calls 1
JJ Lares calls 1, 
GK  calls 1,
Field Proven calls 1
 Black Timber Calls 1,
Power Calls 1,
Saunders Calls 1,
Unknown call maker in
1976, 1977, 1978 but probably
OLT giving OLT 7 wins
T. Covey was the caller
We have had 2 Champion of Champions:
Kelley Powers
Robbie  Iverson

                            BACK IMAGE
  Hoodie is $55
Sweatshirt, brown, 40th anniversary



Tim this is Mike Atkinson
 you just sent me a call
 and I only have one thing to say--------------
 LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX
 I CAN RUN WITH IT looking forward to practicing
 with your instructional video and getting better.
 Nice to have a call that can do more than what I
 am capable, but not for long I hope.  
 Damn worth every penny!!!!
 Thanks again Mike Atkinson 

JJ Lares HYBRID Duck Call
 J J Lares duck calls are now available through this website.  Tim says a JJ Lares with a D Overhauler around your neck is a lethal combination for killing ducks.  Tim has one on his lanyard!  JJ Lares call will be $142 plus shipping.  Please check out the complete description by clicking the BUY NOW button.   Availability of colors change often because of the demand. 
$142.00  You know it is a good product when it is COPIED.

It is the Lares T-1 - $142.00
 black, flat black, emerald
Do not be fooled by the copies
out there.  Get the original,
get JJ Lares!

Happy Customer
Tim, my name is Jeremy and I just recently bought the G Overhauler in
Black/Hedge from your site. I just want to thank you for making the
recommendation to get this call for the field. Opening day was amazing
and the call helped us fill our limit. The sound coming from this call
is perfect; and I feel very comfortable blowing and holding the call. I
will be back to buy more of your products! Thanks again!
Jeremy Leverence

Happy Customer
Just got my high voltage g overhauler in the mail and I'm speechless. Not only is it a great looking call but sound/functionality is second to none. I would like to sincerely thank you for making a outstanding call and thanks to hunter for recommending it. I'm fairly new to goose calling and hope one day I sound half as good as you guys , but with a product like this I'm sure my goal is obtainable. Please continue making great calls. Sincerely,  nick sroka

 Many have asked what Hunter and I use to repeat successful hunts year after year.   We shoot the BENELLI Black Eagle; use KICKS High Flyer Modified Chokes; use FEDERAL AMMO.  The only clothing Hunter and I wear is NAT GEAR and DRAKE; comfortable and good looking!  When it comes to decoys: our field is full of  G & H Decoys.    You want a good hunt?  Buy good tools.  Have a great season! 
 Come On, Getcha Some!!    
You want success in learning how to blow a goose call, duck call, or a turkey call?
Nothing will help you more than the CONQUER THE CALL software.  Click on
the demo video found on this HOME page or call our office.  With this software
you can have Tim on your computer 24 hours a day teaching every step you will
need to become a successful goose caller, or a better caller than you already are. 

Friends of Tim
Cabela's Benelli Drake Flagman Products Federal Premium Natural Gear Camoclad Camouflage Systems Mojo Outdoors Macks Prairie Wings Kick's Final Flight Outfitters Scheels Labradors Unlimited Cut'Em Down Waterfowl

Tim Grounds 40th Anniversary Digital Catalog
Tim Grounds 40th Anniversary Digital Catalog.

Featured Items

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who have shown incredible compassion to Tim's family during this time.  Your love has sustained us, we can't thank you enough for all your kind words, gifts, food, and prayers.
Please know that Hunter will continue the business and orders will be shipped just as soon as we can.
Hunter, Juda and Bill
                                        ROGERS GRAND NATIONALS  2018
 M.Ritter,  N.Kreshon,  H.Grounds,  J.Keil,   D.Damron,   T.Draper
 Hunter Grounds took first place in the open goose contest
Michael Ritter, Nate Kreshon, and Jordan Keil all finished in the top ten.
Hunter Grounds and David Damron took second place in the 2-man goose
Hunter Grounds and Nate Kreshon took third place in the 2-man goose 
Congratulations to Ty Draper,  KY, on his  first place win of the Junior Grand National goose calling contes this year.
Congratulations to all the callers at Rogers 2018 contest.  As always Rogers Sporting Goods, Kansas City, MO puts on a fine contest.  Thank you, Steve Rogers and your hard working staff. 
HALF BREEDS ™ are ready to order.  They come in 5 colors: 
Black with pearl insert, black pearl, electric blue, camo, black cherry.
The HYBRID comes with the original Half Breed™ guts. 
IF YOU WANT TRIPLE CROWN™ GUTS  inserted in your call, please call our office to make it a Half Breed "D"  - the TC guts will be an extra $50.  618 983 5649.
                                             Thanks for choosing GROUNDS.
 Click on Goose Calls - then choose HYBRID to see more details.  $200.00


When you buy a GROUNDS call, especially the Force™ or the Overhauler™, please do not open the call.   If you mess with the guts, you will alter the sound.    ~ Hunter

 We own the HISTORY
Provide the SERVICE and
Guarantee the QUALITY of our calls

Here is a better view of our new metal bands
These are on some of our stabilized wood calls 



 SHIRT AND  CAP - sold individually, of course.  Short sleeve shirt is $20, cap is $25. CAP is the New Era 6 panel, comes in 3 sizes S/M,   M/L,  L/XL.  Shown is the color  graphite.  Please see LOGO APPAREL page for detail and ordering information. 


Have Tim Grounds right into your home, day or night
to teach you the proper way to blow your goose call.
Best goose call instruction available today.  Also available
are duck CTC and turkey CTC.  Get Cha Some!!
PLEASE NOTE:  This CTC system is NOT compatible with a MAC computer. 


The Triple Crown™ WORN IN GUT SYSTEM" is original to Tim Grounds line of calls.  
When you buy a Grounds product you are buying history, service, and a guarantee of quality.


"G OVERHAULER"™  calls available in beautiful stabilized wood.  Go to 'goose calls', then G Overhauler™.
No two calls are alike. There is no engraving on these calls because Tim feels the engraving would take away from the beauty of the grain. We have a limited supply of these.  $250.00


1.   Box Elder  Flame 
2.  Box Elder Burl Blue
3.  Box Elder Green
4.  Box Elder Orange
5.  Box Elder Black


6.   Box Elder Maple Burl 
7.   Box Elder Burl
8.   Box Elder Buckeye Burl
9.   Box Elder Burl red/black
10.  Box Elder Cream Maple




Please click on CONTEST HISTORY at the top of this page to see photos and review our many wins.

Thanks for visiting our page. 


43 years of WINNERS.  43 years 0f HISTORY.  1975 - 2018


Below is the list of contest winners starting back in  1975.  Take a look,  you will see many names who started  out with and learned from Tim Grounds,  they now have their own line of calls.  Many of the guys are still with me today.  If  I have failed to add your name to this list, or if I have misspelled your name, please contact me  and I will correct that immediately.  Many of these names listed have won several contests using Grounds calls.  There is no way to count how many contests  Kelley Powers, Hunter Grounds and  I, as well as many of the others have won blowing a Grounds call.   I appreciate every name on this list!  ~ Tim


Latest Contest Wins
TMarty Armstrong
Greg Hubbell Jr John Pisoni Nathan Wright
Hunter Askins Bill Hudnell Kevn Popo Jeff Zierdan
Jamie Avedon Robbie Iverson Vernon Powell Fred Zink
Shawn Beck Dave Johnson Kelley Powers
Vic Beecher Nick Kalanoski Joe Presher
Chad Belding Phil Kaneke Adam Rametta
 Mike Belies
Todd Kelly David Renfro Jordan Keil
Greg Beller Kolton Kilen Jon Rice Tyson Shoot
Joey Blair 
Parker Bohanan
Cody King Lance Rickets Colby Stillwell
Tom Bourgoin Jr Andy Kinstler Kyle Rinella Noah Woodley
Alex Bowe Chris Klaczko Michael Ritter TY DRAPER
Daniel Bowen Dave Kalczko Craig Rosenau
Kyle Brookman Sen M Knaus Josh Sarda
Nick Cantrell Kory Kohler Bill Saunders
Chuck Carpenter David Kolness Chad Seymour
Forrest Carpenter Matt Kreider Chris Sills
Alex Ciraulo Nate Kreshon David Smothers
Joe Citrano
Conlee Landrus 
Jarrin Landrus
Shawn Stahl
Grant Clubb Altie Lannom John D Stanley
Jordan Cote Chris Lannom Matt Starck
David Damron Ed Larson Grady Stephens
Derrick Damron George LeBlanc Jake Steppe
Bryce Davey Adam Lechmann Casey Stone
Steve Derbshire Corey Loeffler Ben Stoner
Troy Dishner Travis Loverude Eric Strand
Mitch Downs David Luna Brian Sullivan
Justin Easton Travis Madden Matt Sullivan
Gary Ebert Scott Madison Todd Svoboda
Adam Emery Sam Mander Scott Threinen
Gabe Evrard Josh Manis Dusty Townsend
Dale Fleming Kyle Marion Rick Turch
Brandon Fletcher Matt Matsko Jimmy Vanbrocklin
Jeff Foiles Craig McDonald Josh Veselka
Sean Foley Ritchie McKnight Chad Vines
Brandon Geller Jerritt Merideth Grier Wakefield
Matt Gideon Blake Moore Chris Wallen
Chase Graves Steve Moore John Walls
Brian Griffin Bobby Moreno Ben Waples
J. R. Gregory Will Morgan Jim Weaver
Hunter Grounds Tyson Naylor Gabe Wece
Tim Grounds Brandon Nelson Adam Webner
Travis Haan Jody Nelson Russell West
Casey Hancock Andrew O'Neill Matt Wettish
Jordan Harmon Dan Ortman Chuck Williamson
Mike Hoeper Jason Ott Andy Willis
Tim Hoeper Jerad Perkins Dustin Whitacre
Garrett Hopkins Robert Pierce  Ryan Wilson

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